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We offer an Affordable Home Hydroponic System for Sale and Service which includes:

  • 24x Free vegetables and herbs to get you started
  • Free training on use and maintenance of your Hydro System

Have you ever wanted to know what Hydroponics is or how it works and why there is such a hype surrounding Hydroponics and hydroponic grow systems?

Simply put: Hydroponics is a way of growing vegetables or herbs by using a water based nutrient solution instead of soil.

The advantages to growing vegetables and herbs in a Hydroponic system is that the plants roots are always in the water based nutrient solution keeping them well fed and oxygenated. This allows for an increased yield, faster rate of growth of up to 25% and healthier, stronger plants because they can focus their energy on growing rather than root growth searching for water, nutrients and oxygen.

When you purchase Hydro Veggie’s Home Hydroponic System you get a complete ready to use Hydroponic System which Includes:

  • A ready to use Hydroponic System which can grow 24 Vegetables or Herbs
  • A water reservoir 40l
  • 24 Netted Pots to support the seedlings
  • 24 Seedlings
  • Nutrients
  • Water Pump
  • Air stone

Hydro Veggie’s Hydroponic Growing System is Simple Fun and Easy.

Growing Hydroponics from your Hydro Veggie Home Hydroponic System is simple, easy and fun all you need to do is add a nutrient and PH solution once a week to your Hydroponic system, and make sure your Water Levels are full in your hydroponic system reservoir.

We at Hydro Veggie will assist with

  • Setup of your Home Hydroponic System
  • Training on how to use and maintain your Hydroponic system
  • Supply a wide variety and range of seedlings for your Hydroponic System
  • Sales of Hydroponic accessories for your Hydroponic system
  • A friendly, professional support Service of your Hydro system

At Hydro Veggie we have done all the research and taken the hassle out of Hydroponic Systems. Hydro Veggie would like to share our experience we have learnt along the way. We at Hydro Veggie want to see you successfully grow your own Hydro Vegetables and Hydro Herbs Hydroponically for you and your family with your new Hydroponic System.

Growing your Own Hydroponic Herbs and Hydroponic Vegetables has many other Advantages

  • It allows you to have a lesser carbon footprint and is friendly to the environment as you are able to re-use the water for your garden and there is no waste when you grow Hydro Herbs and Hydro Vegetables.
  • The Taste of Flavour and Quality of freshly picked Vegetables and Herbs is Amazing! When you’re cooking or creating a salad
  • Growing is good for your soul and therapeutic

It’s rewarding in so many ways so get all the above benefits and get your

Hydro Veggie Home Hydroponic System now.

Gauteng Hydroponic Company


011 887 4682
011 440 1303
082 828 7259
Hydroponic Shop now open @150 Corlett Drive, Bramley

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